Caudalie Peche De Vigne Gel Douche

Amendment 03/08/12 - It has been announced that Caudalie have been ban from using the BUAV Leaping Bunny Logo as they plan to sell in China. I feel very strongly about this and will no longer buy or support the brand with reviews. Click here to read an article from The Independent on this subject.

Last year I picked up a Caudalie mini kit in France (review link) so I have been interested in trying more products from the brand.  Since the Beauty Exlixir does not appeal to me I decided to change things up in the bathroom and switch shower gels. I purchased Caudalie PĂȘche de Vigne Gel Douche aka Peach Shower Gel (£9 for 200ml). 

The fragrance is fruity from peach but not sugary sweet. According to the description it also contains almond milk and mint leaf, the latter must be providing the fresh twist to the scent. Overall it is a nice every day shower gel which lathers well. I have not had any problems with skin irritation. There are three other shower gels in the range - Zeste de Vigne Shower Gel, ThĂ© des vignes Shower Gel and Fleur de Vigne® Shower Gel

I also received with my order a free sample of Crushed Cabernet Scrub. I have only tried this once. It is fairly abrasive so I would not recommend for delicate skin.  I notice on the website it claims to have "slimming action".  This is not something that interests me but I am sure others out there will be keen to give this a try.  The full size does comes with a hefty price tag (£21.50).

Have you tried these products or any others from Caudalie?

Sarah x