Naked Care Mild Shampoo (Discontinued) - an alternative recommendation - Kind Natured

UPDATE: this brand no longer exists, Kind Natured is the closest alternative available in Boots.

I recently picked up Naked Sensitive Scalp Shampoo  Naked products use naturally derived ingredients and not tested on animals. When it comes to my hair I battle with dryness and irritated skin.  It was the marketing blurb that enticed me to purchase this shampoo.  Who can resist If you suffer from sensitive scalp, some products can be like a red rag to a bull. But Naked Care is formulated to avoid aggravating itchy, inflamed or scaly scalp. Oatmeal extract and Neroli essential oil are both believed to soothe and comfort dry, inflamed skin so this meek and mild formulation should leave hair clean, soft and pleasantly fragranced. “

Firstly, the "pleasant fragrance" is an attack on my senses.  I have never been a fan of neroli and in this shampoo the fragrance is far too over powering for my liking. Secondly, my scalp and neck began to itch after the first wash. Why am I not surprised.  Often I find products marketed towards sensitive skin are guaranteed to cause me a reaction.  It is some weird mystery that I have never understood.  I persevered for a couple more washes but now this has been banished to the back of the beauty cabinet. 

I have to say that with the couple of washes I did manage this did nothing for my hair and I felt it was making my dry ends worse.  To put it bluntly I couldn’t wait to switch back to Organic Surge Moisture Boost Shampoo.  I do not think I will be straying any time soon. Looking at the reviews on Naked website this shampoo has a lot of fans. Natural products use essential oils in place of artificial fragrances.  The trouble is essential oil can also cause irritation. So my words of advice are that extremely allergic, eczema prone, sensitive types like me, need to be cautious when trying this shampoo or any other natural product on the market.

I like Naked products but they are only free from certain synthetic ingredients. Some people do feel the brand gives a false image and you will find other brands have better ingredients.

Sarah x