What I eat: Daymer Bay Ice Tea, CoYo and Lucy's Biscuits

Remember Free From food was magically appearing in the fridge? Well, my Boyfriend took me to his secret supplier.  Turns out it was an independent health food shop hidden down a side street in a town I visit regularly. Let me tell you this little place is an Aladdin's cave of treats. I spent the whole time says "oh look they have this and I've been looking for that for ages".
Sunday Catch Up - Daymer Bay Ice Tea & Lucy's Biscuits
I brought Sojade Pineapple dairy free yoghurt, Amaizin Organic Paprika Corn Chips, CoYo dairy free pineapple yoghurt, Taifun Rosso Tofu, Lucy's Cinnamon Thin biscuits and Daymer Bay Mango Ice Tea.

I have mixed reviews on these products. Lucy's cinnamon thins were amazing and I have never had free from biscuits which compare so well to the real thing. Big massive thumbs up from me. The Paprika corn chips were nice, it's always good to find flavoured crisps without dairy.  Daymer Bay ice tea was delicious best one I have tasted in a long time. I always think the Americans make ice tea better than us but this was perfect for me. The Sojade yoghurt was not to my liking. Very poor taste, in fact rather strange. I always buy these things and ask myself why do I stray from Alpro, you cannot beat them on taste. 
The big disappointment came from CoYo. I had been searching for this product for months after finding it on Twitter. Dairy free yoghurt is a daily staple. To combine that with my all time favourite food coconut is very exciting in my world.  Imagine my shock when I opened the pot to see small spots of mould on the lid.  I tweeted about this and I received the following email from the Director.

I received your tweet today and I wish you had come to me direct. I am very sorry you have experienced this and if I know where you bought the product, flavour and date on the product I can look into this. We some times have sporadic cases where the product has this issue and this can be down to many things, it is a natural product, we add no preservatives and with the time of year the environment can play a part. The other thing is the chain of refrigeration. We recommend the product be stored below 4 degrees, some shops have open refrigeration units that are running at over 8 degrees, therefore making a perfect temperature for moulds to grow. I am sorry you have experienced this and if you have not tried us before I don’t want you to be left with a bad impression and would like to send you some fresh CO YO to review.

It is a shame that CoYo stockists are the cause of this problem. This product does not come cheap so I was rather annoyed that I had to throw it away. I also decided not to accept further products for review.

Natural Wisdom
Natural Wisdom is back in business so go check out the website . At the moment when you register you will receive £5 off your first order.  Maeve has also set up a reward scheme to use toward future purchases. I ordered the Rosehip & Pomegranate Antioxidant Cream Cleanser in Natural Unscented (there are four fragrance options). The entire range is free from synthetic ingredients and 100% natural.

Sarah x