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Travel: Allergy Translation Cards

I am heading to Rome in October and have been looking at Allergy Translation Cards. I am fairly well travelled and majority of the time I manage when it comes to the local cuisine. I have visited Italy (Milan) a few years ago and remember there was a big language barrier. For the life of me I cannot remember what I ate when I was there.  Italian food is delicious but not great when pizzas are loaded with cheese and pasta contains egg. It cross my mind that I want to be better prepared for this trip.

Allergy Translation Cards vary in price and there are some freebie options online.  You could use translate.google.com or bing.com/translator to create your own cards.  If you are not confident to do this, then check out my list of links below to websites offering this service. Allergy Translation Cards do vary in price so shop around.
I hope this is handy for some of you. If you know of other sites or have a tip for travelling with allergies, please leave a comment below.  One thing I will be do is take with me allergy free snacks.

Sarah x

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