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Sunday Catch Up - How much is my face worth?

I sad to say I had very little inspiration for my Sunday Catch Up post. Work has been busy and I have been lounging around this weekend feeling a little under the weather.  I am not one for doing blogger tags but I have seen many do the "How much is my face worth" tag. I couldn't help to jump on the bandwagon.  Here are the products I have been using daily for several months. My foundation has been a staple for a few years.

Balm Balm Coconut Cleanser £13.25
Green People Eye Cream £8.50
Antipodes Resurrect Toner £18.99
Antipodes Rejoice Day Cream* £25.99 - look out for an upcoming review
Crazy Rumors Lip Balm £3.25
No 7 Mineral Foundation £13 - this has recently been discontinued I would buy when I had a voucher I think I was paying £8
Funky Fresh Finishing Powder £7.99

Total = £90.97

This week I tried Amy's Kitchen Medium Chilli (website link) which is Vegan, dairy free, lactose free and gluten free but does contain soya. It was nice although I think there were too many kidney beans in the mix. Also I would have preferred larger chucks of tofu to give it a better texture. I will purchase again as it makes an easy meal for lazy days. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the glorious sunshine. Don't forget your sun cream.

*PR sample


  1. I love the look of the coconut cleanser -- but I really don't need any more cleanser.. I am addicted! I hope you are feeling a bit better. The sunshine has gone behind the clouds in Bristol at the moment :(

    1. I am the same with cleanser and I brought another one today lol :)

  2. I'm interested in that finishing powder.Is it pure mineral?Does it have talc in it?

    1. This is a product I have reviewed here http://sugarpuffish.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/funky-fresh-minerals-review.html

  3. I always look forward to these posts. :) xx