Food Allergens in Skin Care

Food Allergens in Skin Care
As you know my blog centres around my eczema and allergies. I am lucky to have opportunities to test products but sometimes I have to turn them down because beauty products can contain my food allergens. For the first time ever I was questioned by a Company offering me a product containing one of my allergens. It may seem odd to refuse to test a hair styling product. However, I have to consider the percentage of product that I can absorb via my skin and if it could come in contact with my mouth (transference from hands if not washed immediately after use).

Pai Body Cream and Dr Organic Coconut range are off limits for me because they contain orange. If I consume oranges (or their relations like tangerine or mandarin) I get a rash and asthma. Let me tell you that for many years I suffered an itchy scalp even after switching to SLS free shampoo. When I was at my wits end I read the ingredients over and over again and the common factor between brands I had tried was orange. Once I switch to brands free from orange my scalp has rarely itched. It could be pure coincidence but it may not.

Most recently I have started to break out with eczema across my shoulders. For many years I have washed my hair over the bath as this limits the contact with eczema on my body. Out of laziness (and a sore back) I went back to washing it in the shower. I have been using Unique Nature Green Moisture Shampoo since September. When I blogged about it Dairy Free Baby & Me pointed out it contains Whey. Could the sudden outbreak of eczema be a reaction to this ingredient? Is it a coincidence?  Could I build up a reaction over time? It’s certainly food for thought (pun intended!).

When I had my skin prick test at 10 years old I have no idea whether any one said to my Parents I was to avoid my allergens in skin care. My Mum will tell you how sore my skin was when it came in contact with certain skin care but she wouldn't have checked ingredients. It's certainly something I have taken upon myself to do in recent years. It is just as important to me as avoiding as many synthetic ingredients as possible. Of course I am basing this on personal experience. I find it interesting that some natural brands promote being allergen free (Sophyto is Gluten free & Premae is free from 8 common allergens). 

If you are suffering from sensitivities and have food allergies it may be worth thinking outside the box and looking at the food ingredients you are putting onto your skin.  I would love to hear from others in the same position as me. I am fortunate to not have anaphylaxis as I imagine if you are then avoiding food allergens in your beauty routine is necessary. But for everyone else with milder reactions or intolerance, are you avoiding food allergens in skincare? Have you noticed reactions via your skin? Do you worry about products coming in contact with your mouth? (e.g. lip balms or face creams).

Sarah x


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