Review: TLC Naturals Hair Care

During my teens my hair was very long and I pampered it every week with treatments. When I graduated university I had my hair cut short because I was backpacking for a year without hair dryers, decent bathrooms and pamper treatments, I feared the worst for my hair (yes I was vain!). These days I am a wash and blow dry kind of girl. I spend most of my money trying to dye away the greys. I was contacted by Paige the owner of TLC Naturals, an ethical, raw vegan, organic hair product range. Paige kindly sent me Shea Baobab Nourishing Hair Oiland Grapefruit Hibiscus Hydrating Hair Spritz & Detangler.

“All our products are handmade using the finest natural & organic ingredients. They are made in small batches, using traditional methods and we strive to keep the ingredients as close as possible to their raw state to ensure the active nutrients, minerals & anti oxidants in the products can be of maximum benefit.”
TLC Naturals Hair Care Review
(Gifted PR samples)

Let's start with my thoughts on the Shea Baobab Nourishing Hair Oil.  I have experience with hair oils I regularly use the one from Macadamia and I also tested one from Kitoko. TLC’s oil is multi purpose and can be used directly on your scalp to treat problems like dandruff or eczema, as a leave in conditioner, pre-wash and hot oil treatment. I felt the best way to test this product was as a pre-wash treatment. My hair is dry and I am always looking to improve the condition.

I warmed the oil in the palm of my hands then massaged onto dry hair paying extra attention to the ends. I left it on for 20-30 minutes and then shampooed out. I did apply a small amount of conditioner on the ends. The results have been good. I liked how my hair feels it appears to have a bit more bounce and shine. Forgive me for the wonky picture I was taking them myself one handed. The picture below shows my hair after treatment and styling. I decided before and after shots didn't portray the product very well. I can't convey in pictures how my hair feels to the touch.

The hair oil makes a good once a week or fortnightly treatment. It’s a little heavy for me to use as a styling aid but that’s when the Grapefruit Hibiscus Hydrating Hair Spritz comes in handy.  In comparison it is a lighter consistency. The spray pump is prefect as it disperses a nice even wide mist of product. Rule of thumb for me is products like this work best when my hair is damp and towel dried. As my hair is short I don’t suffer from knots but I am enjoying the spritz as a treatment before blow drying.  My hair feels soft, bouncy with no sign of greasiness or weighing down. I am very satisfied with the end results. 

Both products are good value for money as I require a small amount. The picture above may look like two new bottles but I've used the products for a couple of weeks. I have tried the hair oil twice and the spritz is being used every other day when I wash my hair.  These products have impressed me in a short amount of time. I know straight away if my hair or scalp hates a new product as it will react immediately.

Overall, I like what TLC Naturals are offering. I love how the products are vegan and natural. The world of hair care is over loaded with synthetic ingredients and when you test natural brands like this one you soon realise they are unnecessary. 

Sarah x