The Environment vs Face Scrubs

For me, having an interest in natural products brings with it more awareness for the environment. I am certainly no hippy tree hugger but I like to make an effort where I can. I wanted to bring to your attention an environmental issue which goes hand in hand with why natural products are better for you.

I read online that microbeads in exfoliating products are found in our oceans and are threatening the marine wildlife. Microbeads are those little balls of plastic in an exfoliator that help you scrub away the dead skin cells. Problem is they are not biodegradable. It will be no surprise to hear that companies use them because they are cheaper than natural alternatives like oatmeal, apricot and walnut husks.

This week Unilever, who owns brands Dove, St. Ives, and Alberto VO5 announced it will phase out polyethylene scrubbing beads by 2015. 

In the meantime, next time you choose a body or face scrub check the ingredients. Think about it's impact on the environment as it washes down the drain. Even if you choose not to avoid parabens and SLS, make sure the scrubbing grains are from a natural plant source. 

Sarah x


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