Supermarket Free From Sweep

As you know I like to randomly blog free from foods I have discovered. Let's start with Beyond Dark 70% Chocolate. I found these tucked away on the bottom shelf with the fancy chocolate in Sainsbury's. I had been on the look out after hearing about them on Twitter. The bag size is 35g with small chocolate drops/buttons, similar size to Moo Free. I'm not a lover of dark chocolate but these were not too bitter. Downside for me is these are teeny tiny buttons. When I eat chocolate I'm like the Cookie Monster, I want something to sink my teeth into. Beyond Dark are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, free from nuts, wheat, gluten and dairy. 

I found RW Garcia 3 seed veggie dipping chips in the free from section at Tesco. These are delicious with or without dips. They are dairy and gluten free. The flavours within this bag are spinach & garlic, beetroot & onion and carrot & tomato. Price wise they are comparable to posh crisps (£1.99). Anything that ends up in the Free From section is going to cost more, comes with the territory.

Being egg and dairy free does kind of suck when it comes to treats in my lunch box. I randomly found Crosse & Blackwell fruit jelly. Yes, I know they are for kids but who cares. They are suitable for Vegetarians. Lastly, we have some American Muffin Co. Ltd flapjacks I found in Waitrose. I've not tasted them yet but they are gluten, wheat, dairy, egg free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Sarah x