What's in my bin? February Empties 2013

Sugarpuffish What's in my bin? February Empties 2013
I am getting good at collecting my empty bottles. Drives me a little crazy having them sitting around so now I have a dedicated collection point (aka a paper bag). Once again these are products that I have been using for months and they came to an end during February. 

Sarakan mouthwash - this last featured in my December empties. It's a product I repeat purchase.

Dr Organic Pomegranate Cream - another regular in empty posts, I really love this cream and have lost count how many I have purchased.

Green People Sensitive Shower/Bath Gel - this came in a gift set I received at Christmas. It's a nice body wash, doesn't have a fragrance as it's from the Sensitive range. The main promoted ingredients are aloe vera, marshmallow and yucca. I recommend and I would purchase a full size.

Intelligent Nurients Harmonic Shampoo - this is one of the cleanest brands on the market when it comes to natural products. There is a lot of hype with this shampoo. Sadly, it didn't live up to my expectations and I really struggled to enjoy the product. This is a trial size, it doesn't come cheap £8 for 60ml

Giovanni Flat Iron Mist - I have liked this product and it leaves my hair feeling soft. When I reached the end of the bottle I have noticed my hair remains in good condition so I believe it does a good job at heat protecting. I'm not going to repurchase at this time because I want to try one from Desert Essence. 

Sweet Cecily's Almond & Avocado Cream - a sample I was sent for review. A nice cream from a lovely company. 

Conscious Skincare Face Wash & Night cream - these were samples I was sent for review. I enjoyed using them and the company has great ingredients and are eco friendly. 

There are two products not featured in the photograph which I used up. They are Pai Cleanser and a Dr Bronner Solid Soap.

Sarah x