What's in my bin? - January Empties 2013

Sugarpuffish What's in my bin? - January Empties 2013

It's that time again to show you my empty bottles. I've been using these products for several months and they came to and end during January.

Organic Surge Moisture Boost Shampoo - this is the shampoo I stuck to throughout 2012. It suits my hair type perfectly. As I've mentioned before this not the purest of brands and so I always refer to it as "free from". I fancy a change of shampoo so I'm not going to repurchase for the time being.

Antipodes Resurrect Facial Toner - I think this is a great toner and this was my second bottle. Highly recommend.

Sukin Sensitive Cleansing Lotion - I was sent this to review and I like the product. I may repurchase in future. 

Naturtint Shampoo - you may recognise the name of this one from the brand of hair dye I use. I won this last year in a Twitter giveaway. A sachet of this comes in the hair dye box. I find it works fine for a one off use following colouring my hair but on a day to day basis I don't like the results.

Blûm Naturals Towelettes - I think these are nice natural wipes. Effective for a quick cleanse when feeling lazy.

Bodhi Desert Rose Face Oil - this is an amazing face oil, I love the brand Bodhi for their ingredients policy and amazing aromas. I was using this sparingly as I never wanted it to end.

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream - this brand has a great ingredients policy and a lot of love from bloggers. For me I just don't get on with their products. It's a nice eye cream but I have others I prefer which are more in line with my budget.