Review: Essential Care Creamy Coconut Cleanser (has been re-branded as Odylique)

After the success I had with Essential Care Gentle Herb Shampoo, I decided to try the Creamy Coconut Cleanser for normal, dry and sensitive skin. Firstly, I am going to start off by saying this does not smell of coconut. I want to mention it because I have seen reviews where this does appear to cause some disappointment. It is worth remembering the coconut aroma you are familiar with is often derived from artificial fragrance. We all smell things differently but I think this cleanser has very little fragrance, some days I do not notice a distinctive scent and other days it seems slightly herbal.

Essential Care products are certified organic (Soil Association) and free from any nasty ingredients plus no animal testing and suitable for Vegans/Vegetarians. 

“Our organic cleanser contains a synergistic blend of dynamic plant oils to lift away make-up, skin impurities and airborne dirt. We combine organic skin-conditioning coconut & olive oils with essential oils that have excellent cleansing properties as well as a delightful refreshing aroma. Ideal for normal to dry or mature skin, the cleanser can be removed with damp cotton pads or rinsed away leaving the skin thoroughly clean, smooth and refreshed.” 

Off the top of my head, I’d suggest the consistency is similar to Pai. It is a lightweight cream which spreads across the face easily. As with all my cleansers I choose to remove them with a damp muslin cloth. I only wear mineral foundation so I can not advise how well this removes a full face of make up. I have been using this morning and evenings but also rotate with an oil cleanser. Recently I have noticed beauty experts recommending a 'Double Cleanse' method so I have been giving that a try in the evenings. 

Overall, I have enjoyed using this cleanser, it is simple but effective. Personally, the most important element to any cleanser I use is being able to use it safely without causing irritation and this ticks that box. Also I want it to never leave my skin feeling tight or dry and it passes with flying colours. On that basis alone I recommend and would definitely repurchase. For anyone who likes a cream cleanser I don’t think you can go wrong with this one. If your skin type is oily or combination then have a look at the Lemon & Tea Tree Facial Wash which should be suited to your needs.

Have you tried this cleanser or any other products from Essential Care? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Sarah x