#WHATSORGANIC Twitter Chat 10th July 2013

Essential Care have invited me to join in with a live Twitter chat to mark their tenth anniversary. Essential Care is an award winning Organic brand and I have reviewed their Gentle Herb Shampoo and Creamy Coconut Cleanser, both are firm favourites for me. 

One of Essential Care’s great passions is education about the Organic Beauty industry. Understanding what makes organic beauty ‘organic’ can be confusing for consumers. The aim of the chat is to allow anyone with a passion for beauty to ask questions and learn about what goes into Organic beauty and skincare products. I am delighted that Essential Care asked me to participate in the chat. I hope to share with you my personal experience and understanding of sensitive skin and allergy safe beauty products. Essential Care do not wish for the chat to be a branded event. The focus is on empowering anyone who works in the beauty industry to understand Organic and share that knowledge with readers and customers. 

The Twitter chat is taking place on 10th July at 7pm (GMT), using the hashtag #WHATSORGANIC - I hope you will join us :-)

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