Review: Pringle and Fairweather Fizzy Foot Soak

Pringle and Fairweather Fizzy Foot Soak
You may have noticed I been on a discovery mission and have been adding to my growing list of natural skincare companies. Today I would like to tell you about Pringle and Fairweather.

The opening paragraph of their About Us page was what drew me in - “All Pringle & Fairweather products are made in a traditional Cumbrian farm cottage in the middle of the beautiful Eden Valley, North of the more well-known English Lake District. We started making our own soaps because the Pringle half of the partnership suffered from very sensitive skin and often Eczema - we thought that using natural skincare products might help the situation. An initial look at the ingredients in the everyday products that we were using horrified us and spurned us on to make our own.”

The range is perfectly formed, with products for bathing, body care, skin care, hand care, shaving, and soaps. I was instantly attracted to the packaging and ordered the Fizzy Foot Soak When it arrived I was over the moon, I adore the packaging and it would make a lovely gift. I treated myself to a pedicure on my Birthday and after that experience I decided my feet needed some regular TLC. I have also been suffering from swollen feet in the heat wave so my tooties are feeling tender. The little wooden scoop is a lovely touch and you can add as little or as much as you like to warm water. It initially fizzes and then you get a beautiful aroma of rosemary and lavender. 
Pringle and Fairweather Fizzy Foot Soak
You need a towel nearby to brush off your feet afterwards. There is cocoa butter in the mix and that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. For extra moisture after I am done soaking, I have been applying Bathing Beauty Sock Balm.

I love the whole experience and I definitely feel as if my feet are the key to my relaxing needs. As for Pringle & Fairweather, I would certainly like to try more products and I recommend you explore their website.

Sarah x