Bentley Organic Hand Wash and Washing Up Liquid

Bentley Organics has been on my radar for years and I finally got around to ordering a couple of products. If you are not familiar with the brand, Bentley Organics offer affordable products which are certified organic by The Soil Association. The range consists of body, hair and baby care plus household cleaning products. I bought the Calming & Moisturising Hand Wash and Washing Up Liquid. 

Let’s start with the hand wash. There are a couple of fragrance options but I chose the calming and moisturising version as it contains lavender and aloe vera. It has a lovely mild lavender fragrance which I like. This does not produce a large amount of lather and does not dry out my hands. Overall, I am satisfied with the performance but it is average, nothing luxurious about it and that is reflected in the price (250ml £3.65) 

Sadly, Bentley Organic washing up liquid has been a huge disappointment. That opinion has been backed up by my boyfriend who I must admit does wash up more often than me, I have trained him well ;-) Previously, we had been using Greenscents which in comparison works brilliantly. The problem with the Bentley one is it loses cleaning properties too rapidly. You end up with a bowl of water without bubbles very quickly. It is fine for lightly solid plates but does not perform well if you have a heavy load with anything greasy like oven trays. I would not repurchase. 

If you would like to look at ingredients for these products they are listed on Bentley Organic's website. I bought these products from which is a site I have used a number of times and they offer free UK delivery. Has anyone else tried products from this brand? What did you think? 

Sarah x