October Update - My Current Facial Skincare Routine featuring B Skincare, Nourish London, Trilogy

My Current Facial Skincare Routine featuring B Skincare, Nourish London, Trilogy
I often get asked to feature my skincare routine. Back in January I wrote a post and I briefly talked about it in a video for my YouTube Channel. I have always followed the simple routine of cleanse, tone and moisturise. I use the same products morning and evening. Occasionally I will incorporate a scrub or mask but I definitely do not use on a weekly basis, just as and when I feel like it. Just to clarify my skin type is dry, sensitive, mature and prone to eczema.

For the past month I have been using Trilogy Extra Gentle Cleanser and B Skincare Aloe Moisturiser. In the evenings I sometimes use a serum/oil instead of cream. I was using a Bespoke product from Inner-Soul Organics that ran out so now I am using up Big Green Tree. My beloved Antipodes Ananda toner recently ran out so I switched the other day to Nourish which I am testing to enable me to provide a budget friendly comparison. The Antipodes toner has been a repeat purchase for me for almost a year. I use a facial scrub probably about twice a month. Last month I used it a few more times when on holiday because my sunscreen was making me feel a little grubby. The only scrub I own and use at this time is from Pure Thoughts. For a while I was religiously using an eye cream and whilst I like the Dr Organic I have got lazy again and forget to apply it.

I am fickle when it comes to cleansers but I only ever switch as and when something runs out, whether that is once a month or every couple of months depending on how long a tube/bottle lasts. Oil or cream cleansers suit my skin better than milk or foaming wash. My main focus when choosing products is the ingredients. Over the years I have become aware of what works for me. I know that tea tree and witch hazel are too astringent so prefer manuka for hormonal breakouts. Lavender, chamomile and calendula are good for any irritation or eczema. In the winter months I use a heavier moisturiser in the day and add facial oil to my nightly routine. I know I need to provide my skin with extra protection as I am more prone to eczema during colder weather. For me it is all about the ingredients rather than having holy grail products. Keeping things natural (free from nasties) and simple (using few products) is my priority. 

My advice for choosing a skincare routine is less is more. Do some research and educate yourself as to what ingredients suit your skin and any problems you may be having. Know your allergens and avoid them. For those not prone to dry and sensitive skin, do look at the brands I like as they may have alternative products for oily/combination. Does this help you understand my routine or have I confused you all?

Sarah x