Pure Body Butters Shea Butter & Apricot Oil Daily Moisturiser

You are probably getting bored of me talking about shea butter. I am feeling like I am becoming a bit repetitive because I've yet to find one that I dislike. Since I mention it a fair bit I often get approached for reviews and I can not help it, I have a problem and I need to start turning them down ;-)

I was sent a pot of Pure Body Butters Shea Butter & Apricot Oil Daily Moisturiser. The Pure Body Butters range is small but perfectly formed, it also includes two cocoa butter based moisturisers and gift set. These are 100% natural and cruelty free products without additives. My Vegan readers should select the Cocoa Shea Ultimate Moisturiser as the other two contain beeswax.

Purely based on personal preference, I would not use this on my face but it’s perfect for my body. I have been using this on my feet to tackle my dry heels something which I am prone to in the colder weather. There are no essential oils in these products so ideal for those with sensitivities. If you want a simple natural product for dry skin then I am happy to point you in the direction of Pure Body Butters. My only critic is the jar size (24g). At first I thought it was a sample but this is the size advertised on the website. It's a good size for carrying around in pockets and handbags but I am a little confused. I know shea butter goes a long way but body creams are generally packaged in larger jars.

If you are interested in seeing my shea butter collection and learning more about the ingredient, please click here

Sarah x

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