Home Fragrance with Natural Soy Wax Candles

Home Fragrance with Natural Soy Wax Candles
Bloggers love candles but every time I see someone mention Yankee Candles my heart sinks. I believe that mainstream candles are full of undesirable ingredients. There are claims that soot from paraffin wax releases carcinogenic fumes. If you suffer from respiratory problems like asthma you may be better off steering clear of these types of candles. Synthetic fragrances are known irritants and may trigger allergies.

A better choice for home fragrance are candles made with a soy base and fragrance with essential oils. It is easier than you think to find eco-friendly alternatives and I have compiled a list of personal favourites, recommendations and a couple that popped up in a Google search.

Hobo + Co - Simple and classic in design to complement your home, making any room feel cosy & relaxed.

Soap Daze - different fragrance options available, Barefoot is a fresh scent that is balanced beautifully with the soft and warm fragrance of sandalwood.

Pure Thoughts - Hand-poured in apothecary style amber glass that creates a rich and inviting glow. The Soy Wax Meditation Candles have been created to enhance your practice without overwhelming your senses.

The Botanical Candle Co - different options available, Late Summer captures the scent of those last weeks of heat and sunshine before the autumn closes in.

Love to B - natural aromatherapy candle using a cotton wick, soy wax and essential oils which are poured into a recycled tin

Made by Coopers - Made from a special blend of Coconut and Rapeseed wax, they are now more sustainable than other waxes on the market and produces a cleaner burn.

Sarah x