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Natural Soy Wax Candles

Bloggers love candles but every time I see someone mention Yankee Candles my heart sinks. I believe that mainstream candles are laced with toxins. There are claims that paraffin wax soot releases carcinogenic fumes. If you suffer from respiratory problems like asthma you may be better off steering clear of these types of candles. Also synthetic fragrances are known irritants and may trigger allergies.

Healthier choices for candles are those which are 100% beeswax or soy based and fragrance with essential oils. It is easier than you think to find eco-friendly alternatives and I have compiled a list of personal favourites, recommendations and a couple that popped up in a Google search. I have deliberately left out Neom, opting for lesser known companies

Zing Organics - one which I have reviewed click here

Boujies London - another which I own and have reviewed click here

Munio Candela - can be purchased in UK via mypure.co.uk 

Nellie's Patch - this company caught my eye via Google

Celtic Herbal - I mention these candles when I reviewed the website Adore Naturals

Heartwood Candles - a recommendation by Hephzibah‏ from Good For Me, Good For You

The Indigo Chick - a recommendation by Annie from Hello Purple Clouds

M&J London - recommended by Carmen @redbuttongirl

IW Natural Candles Co - a recommendation from @BotanicPurity

Honest - I had the pleasure of giving these a good sniff when I visited Samsara

If you have a favourite brand to add to this list, please leave your recommendation in the comment section below :-)

Sarah x