Review Beeutiful Honey Soap, Healing Balm and Lip Balm

Review Beeutiful Honey Soap, Healing Balm and Lip Balm
I know I have said this many times before but Twitter is a great resource for finding the smaller, natural skincare companies. Beeutiful is one of these companies which popped up on my “Who to Follow” lists and it turns out they are a local to me. I was kindly sent sample products – Mango Lip Balm, Healing Balm and Honey Soap.

If you haven’t already figured out from the name, the main ingredient to the range is locally sourced beeswax and honey. Products are 100% natural and free from parabens, sulphates, preservatives, petrochemicals, artificial colours and fragrances (one exception is the lip balm which contains flavour oil). Products are not tested on animals, they only harvest ingredients which do not harm the bees and a portion of sales are donated to Friends of the Honeybee charity.

I think the honey soap is my favourite product. The ingredients are simple and include coconut oil, olive oil, honey and sunflower oil. It foams up nicely, does not irritate and I do not notice it exasperating my existing dry skin. It feels gentle and I know honey is healing.

The lip balm is a nice product, packaged in a tube so ideal for those who object to sticking fingers in tins. It feels soft, smooth and hydrating on the lips. The downside to me is the mango flavouring, I find it too strong for my taste. It is interesting that Beeutiful included the flavouring due to customer demand. There are two other lip balms available, honey and peppermint & tea tree.

The healing balm contains a good selection of ingredients (honey, lavender, calendula, tea tree, st johns wart) which should help with general skin aliments such as cuts and grazes as it promotes healing. It may be useful in treating eczema but that will depend on the individual. I have a sensitivity to tea tree so have to be cautious with this product. The balm feels soft in the tin which is good for easy application, sometimes these types of products are too solid to be practical. The tin size is pocket friendly.

Overall, I think Beeutiful are offering affordable, natural and handmade products which I am happy to recommend to you.

Sarah x

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