Free From Skincare Awards & The Allergy & Free From Show 2014

Free From Skincare Awards & The Allergy & Free From Show 2014
Picture taken by me at The Allergy & Free From Show 2013 - click here to view blog post

Lets talk about the Free From Skincare Awards and The Allergy & Free From Show because my inbox is full to the brim with press releases about them. You know I love to brag about being a judge for last year Free From Skincare Awards. I was excited to hear that entries for this years awards have increased. Apparently a record number of products have been submitted, over 260 from 100+ brands. Who said natural and free from skincare was hard to find?

“The quality and breadth of this year’s entries has taken us all by surprise,” says Alex Gazzola, the FreeFrom Skincare Awards Co-ordinator, “and over half the brands are first-time entrants. Both the standard and volume demonstrate just how fast the ‘free from’ and natural skincare sector is growing and improving.”

The presentation of the winners of the Awards, which are sponsored by NATorigin and Spiezia, will take place at the Allergy & Free From Show in Olympia on the afternoon of the 4th July. The Allergy & Free From Show is no longer a standard alone event. It is run alongside V Delicious and this year the new Love Natural, Love Organic show. Basically, everything I blog about in one room - skincare, vegan/vegetarian food, allergies/intolerances and free from food. Now you can understand why I get so excited about it. Everyone makes fun of my old lady trolley that I take with me to the show but it's always full to bursting come the end of the day. Most the time you can get your hands on the items which you have been begging supermarkets and local stores to stock.

If you would like to visit the show in London (4-6 July 2014), FREE tickets can be downloaded via the following link. No catch to this and it's not an affiliated link.

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