Introduction - Back to Nature 100% Natural Skincare

Back to Nature 100% Natural Skincare
I recently stumbled across Back to Nature, another company to add to my shopping list. I am in balm and oil heaven browsing the website. There are top to toe products for both men and women. I knew I wanted to share my find so I reached out to the company for some background information.

Amanda told me she started Back to Nature by accident, she was bee keeping and researching the benefits of honey and bee products. Skincare was a natural progression. Amanda's husband became seriously ill three years ago and she formulated First Aid balm and Sleep oil to help with his itchy skin and sleep deprivation. Apparently, Amanda's mum is chief product tester and she suffers from severe eczema and asthma.

Any company that has a connection to eczema is a winner in my book. It is music to my ears because I feel they have first hand knowledge of the condition. I am definitely going to be making an order soon and I highly recommend browsing the website. I should also mention that full ingredients are listed, hooray! Majority of products contain honey or beeswax so will not be suitable for Vegans.

Let me know what you think and if any products make it into your shopping basket?

Sarah x