Natural Beauty Bloggers Holy Grail Products No.3 - Ecoholic Beauty, Makeup By Mary B, Unsullied

George's Aloe Spray Mister and Now Organic Jojoba Oil
Ecoholic Beauty
Jess is a natural beauty enthusiast from Alberta. She has a blog but also a YouTube channel which I enjoy watching. Even though she is across the pond and the products she loves are not always available to me, I find her passion for natural health addictive. Jess has tackled taboo subjects of women's health and I recommend you check out her informative videos. I was delighted that she agreed to take part in this blog series and here is what she has to say about her Holy Grail products.

Both of my Holy Grail picks are simple, effective, affordable, and multi-use. They are staples in my natural beauty routine and, while especially lovely for my dry skin, would probably work well for a range of skin-types!

George's Aloe Spray Mister - I absolutely adore this 100% pure aloe vera distillate, it’s been a staple multi-use product in my skincare and beauty routine for ages. It’s a refreshing spray that goes great under or over makeup, and my skin loves aloe’s moisturizing properties. I like to spritz a bit of George’s Aloe on my face before I apply serums, oils, and moisturizers to help these products soak into my skin. My favourite use for this product is to spritz it on my face as a makeup setting spray. It keeps mineral foundation from looking cakey on dry skin and helps powder products set nicely. I also love the price point (just over $5 CAD on iHerb).

Now Organic Jojoba Oil - This outstanding product isn't actually an oil, but rather a wax ester. Because jojoba oil closely resembles human sebum, it penetrates the skin easily, moisturizes like a dream, and is suitable for all skin types (but especially normal to dry skin like mine). I use it to remove my makeup (either by massaging it into my face with my fingertips or swiping it across my face with a cotton pad). I love using jojoba oil to remove makeup and cleanse my face because it does an exceptional job of lifting impurities from the skin without the use of harsh chemicals. I also love using a few drops of jojoba oil as a facial moisturizer. Jojoba oil can be used all over your body, and for your hair too!

Christopher Drummond's Duo Phase Concealer
Makeup by Mary B 
If my memory is correct, I've been following Mary's blog for almost as long as I've been writing my own. We did a beauty swap back in 2012 and I still have fond memories for the Livpurely Coconut Oil she sent me. Here is what Mary has to say about her Holy Grail products.

Picking one or two holy grail products is a hard task for a beauty blogger! At this point, I've tried hundreds of products, and I tend to like having a variety of everything. But there are two things I just cannot see myself without at this time. 

The first is Christopher Drummond's Duo Phase Concealer. This stuff has amazing coverage, a beautiful finish and it's so versatile. I didn't think it was possible for a natural company to make a product like this! I use it everyday mixed in with my tinted moisturizer, and it creates a natural, dewy-finish foundation that covers almost everything. I also use it to conceal my undereyes and blemish spots. I just finished my first bottle of it in the color Light, and I just bought two more in Light and Fair.

The second is Egyptian Musk perfume. Right now I have about 6 different brands of the scent, and I can't pick just one that's better than the rest. But I can tell you that this fragrance is the only thing I want to wear, and I'm more than a little obsessed. I can appreciate many different scents, but when it comes to what I actually want to smell like, it's just Egyptian Musk. It's a sweet, light, subtle, and mysterious; almost soap-like at times. My roommate was actually the one who first discovered it at a store in New Orleans' French Quarter called Pharaoh’s Cave. Once I got a bottle from there, I was absolutely hooked. You can usually find different brands of Egyptian Musk at Whole Foods and other natural stores, and street and bazaar-style vendors often have it as well. In the picture are some of my favorites: Abdul Kareem, Auric Blends, Inesscents and a non-branded one from Pharaoh's Cave. Scent is such a personal thing, so I know not everyone will love it as much as me. But I do know there are many women out there who have a loyalty to this fragrance that stretches for decades, and I will probably be one of them someday.
Fat and the Moon's Lip Cheek Stain and Acure
I am actually a new follower to Jennifer and Kathryne's blog but I have quickly become a fan. They describe their blog as "our happy place" and focus on an all round healthy lifestyle which includes beauty and food. Here is what they have to say about their favourite products. 

I feel like I've been blogging, tweeting, and talking up this product until I'm blue in the face (or, rather, flushed with a lovely rosy glow, a la the product itself!). Fat and the Moon's Lip & Cheek Stain has replaced ALL of the blush compacts, brushes and lip glosses I used to tote around in my purse. It's an all-natural, beeswax based stain that's buildable in color and universally flattering. I use it daily as a lip color, applying more when I'm feeling, y'know, vixen-y, and also as a cheek tint. The .5 oz tin has lasted me more than FOUR MONTHS - seems impossible, I know, but the stain is very solid, so you'll only use a tiny bit of product for each application. At $12, this is a STEAL that I'll be re-purchasing until the end of time!

I am loving this combo of Acure products that I have been using for the past few weeks. I have already seen HUGE improvements in the fine lines on my skin! I put on the Acure Radical Wrinkle Complex after toning, and then apply the Acure Line Eraser to my forehead, laugh lines, dimples, neck, corners of my much most of my face (just because it feels so good!) and then let it sit or sleep on it. My forehead lines are smaller than they've been in years, and I honestly cannot believe the results I have seen, especially for the short time span I have been using these products. In love, and honestly, I can't see myself living without either of these... ever. (And I'm picky!)

A big thank you to Jess, Mary, Jennifer and Kathryne for agreeing to take part. They have a lot of knowledge to offer the green beauty community and I am sure you will enjoy reading/watching their blog/vlogs.

Sarah x