Free From Skincare Awards 2014 - Shortlisted and Commended

Free From Skincare Awards 2014 - Shortlisted and Commended
If you follow me on Twitter you will already have been bombarded with my tweets about the announcement of the Shortlist for the Free From Skincare Awards 2014. Obviously, I knew from judging what was selected in some categories but wasn't aware of the rest. 

Here is a selection of brands I would recommend from the Shortlist and you should be familiar with some of them from my reviews. 

Keep it Kind
Shea Mooti
Spiezia Organics
Dash Skincare
Kinvara Skincare
Kris d'Amour

I am so pleased to see my favourite products made it onto the Shortlist. I had no influence over that since they entered in categories I did not judge. Now the announcements have been made, I too have to sit back and wait for the final results in July. It will be a nail biting few months. 

Have any of your favourite products been Shortlisted? Did you spot a product on the Shortlist or Commended list that you would like to try?

Sarah x