Review Handmade Naturals Sensitive Face Cream

Review Handmade Naturals Sensitive Face Cream
I am in a fickle mood at the moment when it comes to face cream as there are so many options that I want to try. As a skincare junkie I'm always searching for the holy grail product. I haven't changed my mind about Dr Organic Pomegranate cream and Antipodes Rejoice these are still creams I enjoy using. However it's always fun to expand my knowledge when it comes to being able to recommend Green Beauty to readers. 

I recently filmed a March Skincare Haul video and in that I mentioned buying samples from a long time favourite brand called Handmade Naturals. I decided to buy trail sizes because I could not decide between the Sensitive Face Cream and Replenishing Face Cream and wanted to compare them side by side. I ended up passing on the Replenishing cream because the scent didn't suit my tastes and to be honest I’m extremely fickle when it comes to rose fragrance. 

The Sensitive face cream is definitely a product aim at my skin type.  I have found it lighter in texture in comparison to Dr Organics but it does contain ingredients which nourish skin. This is a simple yet effective formulation which contains shea butter, rosehip, peach kernel and jojoba oil. I have found this cream will absorb quickly and leaves my skin feeling peachy soft and smooth. Handmade Naturals Sensitive Face Cream would be suitable for most skin types but particularly those who have an intolerance to essential oils because it is free from fragrance. The packaging is an airless pump which will please anyone who does not like dipping fingers into a jar but it does make it tricky to know when you have reach the end. 

I'm always happy to recommend and support Handmade Naturals. They are a lovely small indie green beauty brand with an extensive product range. I may not like every product due to personal tastes but so far I've never been disappointed in performance. If you are looking for other product recommendations then I have previously reviewed the Face Cleansing Oil.

Sarah x