Review Violife Dairy Free Pizza Cheese

Violife Dairy Free Pizza Cheese
I have suffered cheese envy for many years but now thanks to the popularity of Vegan alternatives, I am enjoying embracing this food group once more. As time goes on the quality of alternatives is improving. My latest find is Violife thanks to my local independent organic store. Seriously I was like a kid on Christmas morning and have gone into cheese overload. Que making lots of pizza and dusting off the sandwich toaster.
Violife Dairy Free Pizza Cheese
Violife is the cheese of my dreams, it melts like snow on a warm day. In my world, that's pretty amazing. It also has a nice creamy taste, I dare not say whether it's as good as dairy cheese because my memories are a bit dusty. However, I think it is pretty similar to Vegusto No Moo Melty.

Violife is also available in blocks, slices and creamy (aka spreadable) in a variety of flavours. Since drafting out this post I have gone ahead and bought the Tomato & Basil slices. I paid £2.10 for the pizza cheese but I have seen it in another store for a few pennies cheaper. Violife is suitable for vegetarians & vegans, dairy, lactose, gluten, soya and palm oil free.

UPDATE: Tesco Extra Stores stock Original in block and slices.

Sarah x


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