Disappointing natural skincare products

selection of natural and organic skincare products including Nourish London
The title “Disappointing Products” sounds negative but I am lost for a better one. These are not terrible products but ones that do not suit my taste, do not perform as expected or I have issues with labelling.

Peppy Galore Diva Face Moisturiser for Sensitive Skin
A year ago, I reviewed three products from Peppy Galore and enjoyed using the Diva Cleansing Oil. The Diva moisturiser works well as a basic cream, by that I mean it does not tackle problems, it simply hydrates skin. My issue is purely based on the vanilla scent; it’s a love hate relationship. There are times when I find it too sweet and sickly and unlike the cleanser this lingers on skin because you are not washing off. I would repurchase if there was an unscented version or a different fragrance suited to my skin type.

Apicare New Zealand Saving Face
A company I had bookmarked but came back to my attention when judging for the Free From Skincare Awards. There are several ranges to this brand and the Saving Face cream seemed like a good place to start. It is a nice and light moisturiser with manuka honey and essential oils. The issue I have is with the scent. I expected greatness from lavender, rosemary, geranium and patchouli but it does not hit the spot for me. I also noticed an ingredient listing for “parfum/fragrance” and I think this is likely to be the problem. I can’t say for certain but I feel as if there is something artificial about the scent.

Nourish Golden Glow Illuminating Face Shimmer
This was a sample I received with a purchase. I have previously reviewed Nourish products and I was excited to get this as I'd seen positive feedback from other bloggers. I am not sure what all the fuss is about with this product. I hate the fragrance, it’s too overpowering to go anywhere near my nose. It is likely to be the frankincense and neroli which I dislike. The golden shimmer is more like gold sparkly face paint. It made me look like a shimmery mess and I had the Goldfinger theme tune circling my brain. Perhaps in more skilled hands it could be used as a highlighter, a bit like Benefit Moonbeam or on legs and arms when you are out on the town in Majorca with a tan.

Gwdihw Magic Muscle Rub
I mentioned in a video that this did nothing for me which leads me to believe the ingredient blend does not suit my needs. The tin is useless as the lid is not secure and regularly pops off. As for the label, shock horror no INCI ingredients just English.

Figs & Rouge Cherry Blossom Lip Balm
This was a gift and I was very happy to receive it but it has not lived up to my expectations. I like the cherry coloured tint but the formulation reminds me of value brand jam. It does not sit well on my lips, a bit patchy because of the thick and heavy consistency.

Pineapple Road Deep Cleansing Facial Balm Mask
This is a nice balm but I refuse to use it because of the terrible labelling. There is no best before/expiration date, the ingredients are not in INCI and considering it contains essential oils there are no allergens listed. I contacted the company and their response became part of my blog post about Cosmetic Labelling Regulations. As it stands this company are breaking a number of regulation requirements. I have not had follow up contact so things may have changed since I bought this product.

So there you have it folks, I have aired my grievances and hope no offence was caused. I refrained from being too much of a Negative Nancy but I do like to give my honest opinions. Have you tried any of these products? Do you like them or do you feel they have flaws?

Sarah x


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