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TOTM organic cotton period products tampons pads
(Gifted PR Samples)

Lets chat about a topic which often we only speak about in hushed tones, Periods. I have blogged about my lady problems before and mentioned I wanted to learn more about having an eco-friendly period. Most Green Bloggers will promote menstrual cups as a replacement for tampons but I am turning my attention to pads and liners as these are the products I prefer usingI recently was approached by TOTM (Time of the Month) they offer 100% organic cotton pads and tampons. TOTM products are free from cellulose pulp, perfume, viscose, rayon, chlorine, dioxin and 95% biodegradable. I have received samples. I won’t be reviewing right away but I wanted to bring TOTM to everyone’s attention.

A little research into familiar brands of tampons and pads reveals some thought provoking facts about the ingredients and materials in these products. I have always been concerned about the environmental impact on landfills but recently started to wonder if my problem periods could be linked to toxic ingredients. I have noticed a trend for fragrance pads and that's not ideal for sensitive skin and allergies. It drives me crazy that manufacturers feel my natural bodily functions are so repulsive that I need to scent them with air freshener. Do I really need my underwear to like smell alpine fresh? 

TOTM offer a subscription service via their website. You can receive monthly deliveries of the products you need, on a date chosen by you. Packaging is sleek and discreet which makes a pleasant changed from all the lurid floral designs. Are love heart supposed to make my period more enjoyable? When Aunty Flow visits next month, I will update you on how I got on with the pads. Until then, do check out TOTM’S website for further information. 

Have you switched to eco-friendly period products?

Sarah x


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