Review - TOTM 100% organic cotton period products

TOTM organic cotton period products
(Gifted PR Samples)

Back in October I introduced readers to TOTM (Time of the Month) organic cotton pads. As promised, I am back with a review. I received two TOTM Ultra Thin Day Pads and two Ultra Thin Night pads (both products have wings). For a point of reference, the products I normally use are Bodyform (Ultra Long Wings) and Always Night.

I have to be totally honest, due to the fact that I experience heavy periods, TOTM pads didn't always perform as I wish. I ended up using the night pad during the day as I preferred the extra length it provided. As I sat down to write this review I studied every inch of the pad. Sadly I came to the conclusion that Bodyform is offering me marginally better protection when it comes to preventing leaks. The shape of TOTM in comparison to mainstream brands is rectangular with ridges whereas others are smooth with shaping and markings to the top layer of the pad.

TOTM pads are soft to the touch and similar in thickness to high street products. Whilst using the pad I noted that the adhesive was sufficient to keep it in place, an important factor for me since I have used other organic brands which have let me down. In principal, I would happily ditch mainstream for TOTM. I appreciate the differences. They are better for the environment and my body because they lack "harsh" ingredients (chlorine, perfumes, dioxin) found in mainstream brands. I have previously, tried Natracare and I would recommend TOTM over those. 

Although my experience was not perfect, I would still encourage switching over to TOTM, even more so if you prefer using tampons. You will pay extra for organic period products but I am sure we can agree that we cannot put a price on the environment and our health.

Sarah x


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