Review Konjac Pink Clay Bath Sponge and Green People Scent Free Shower Gel

Konjac Pink Clay Bath Sponge & Green People Scent Free Shower Gel

If you have been watching my YouTube videos, you will be familiar with the saga of my recent eczema flare up. For those of you who don't know about this, my trigger was narrowed down to a new cream and a change of ingredients in a fabric conditioner I regularly use. My skin became very angry quickly and in order to combat the problems I felt the need to switch things up with my shower routine.

I had been using Laughing Bird Lavender & Chamomile body wash which I purchased after reading Amber’s review. Unfortunately, I think the essential oils are a little on the heavy side and my skin was not coping very well. Aside from a leaky bottle, it is a lovely product so I am gutted that it did not work out for me. I decided the best thing I could do was change over to an unscented body wash. I purchased an old faithful, Green People Scent Free Shower Gel and to compliment this I bought a French Pink Clay Konjac Bath Sponge.

I think Green People is a reliable brand if you desire free from products and are prone to sensitivity. Avoiding essential oils during a flare up seems to be an effective method of treatment for me. I have previously mentioned in a video that this shower gel contains Sodium Coco-Sulfate and Cocamidopropyl Betaine. Green People responded to my video and informed me these ingredients are derived from coconut and on the EcoCert safe list but I was already aware of this. What I should have mentioned was my concern with Cocamidopropyl Betaine is the link to contact dermatitis. When I purchased the shower gel I considered all the ingredients, I was battling a skin flare up and did not wish to exasperate the issue. I want to raise awareness for those with extreme sensitivity because there is a small chance someone out there may have a problem with this ingredient.

Konjac 6 wave pink clay bath sponge
As my skin was very sore, I thought a Konjac sponge could be a good solution to add gentleness to my routine. It was back in 2011 that I discovered these sponges. It has been a while since I last owned one but it seemed the obvious choice under the circumstances. Konjac sponges can be used with or without skincare products and I opted for Pink Clay because it is recommended for sensitive and irritated skin. I cannot tell if the Pink Clay makes a difference to my skin (it’s very difficult to judge) but I adore the softness of the sponge. It is very gentle, I can “scrub” across my eczema patches without causing further irritation.

My eczema is much better now, mainly because I realised my triggers but also with the aid of these products. I am certainly not going to make any claims for “curing” eczema but anything that is gentle enough to allow my skin to recover during irritation gets thumbs up. I have used the Green People shower gel in very small amounts and relied on the sponge to do the rest of the work and have been happy with the outcome. If you are looking for other unscented shower gels, I have previously written about brands that have this option.

Have you tried the Konjac Pink Clay Bath Sponge or Green People Scent Free Shower Gel? What do you think about these products? Would you recommend them?

Sarah x

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