Review Bespoke Aroma Bath Tea Infusions

Bespoke Aroma Bath Tea Infusions

I accepted an offer to sample Bespoke Aroma Bath Tea Infusions*. Now this tea is for dunking your body in not some weird new diet that has you drinking from the bath tub. These bath soaks contain oatmeal and Dead Sea salts plus a selection of herbs and oils to meet the needs of different skin types and moods. As you can tell from the picture (and as the name suggests) these really are similar to tea bags, just larger in size than your traditional brew.

Bespoke Aroma Bath Tea Infusions

I was particularly interested to try the soothing infusion which is aimed at those with irritated skin, eczema and psoriasis. It contains ingredients which I gravitate towards and know work well for me. Burdock, comfrey, raspberry, calendula, chamomile and bergamot all contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and the oatmeal and sea salts help condition the skin. 

I enjoyed my time in the bath tub. You know I am not about to make any miracle claims but my skin felt nice and the soak did not appear to irritate my patchy and mild eczema. I would of course advise caution if you have a skin condition or allergies but worth a try if you know the ingredients are suitable for you as you would find it a challenge to patch test this product. 

Check out Bespoke Aroma because the bath teas are just one of several natural and organic products in their range.

Sarah x

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