Review: Bare Natural Soaps - Olive Oil Soap

Review Bare Natural Soaps Olive Oil Soap
I have rekindled my love of solid soaps while writing this blog and I have been lucky enough to sample from a variety of brands, Bare Natural Soaps has now joined that list. I have been using the Olive Oil Soap which I chose because it is free from essential oils and contains two oils - 70% Olive Oil and 30% Coconut Oil. Bare soaps are supplied in fabric bags which are handmade by Dinah (the founder). This attention to detail goes a long way and I thought it was a delightful touch. 

The soap is a nice size for hand washing, it might sound silly but it’s a solid soap. I mention this because I have tested others that turn to mush at the first sight of water. This soap has longevity and is still going strong after three or four weeks in my bathroom. It produces a nice creamy lather and does not feel drying on the skin. The ingredients are simple which suits my skin type so I can’t fault how it performs. 

I am happy to recommend Bare Natural Soaps. Make sure you check out their website because along side several great sounding fragrances of soap (peppermint & sea salt, basil, coffee etc), they also have bath bombs and bath salts.

Sarah x

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