What's in my bin? Empties March 2015

Sugarpuffish Empties March 2015

I had spent the afternoon recording a video but I've had technical difficulties with the sound being out of sync. It's very frustrating so I am now here writing this post instead. I did not have many products in the empty basket this month. 

Bespoke Aroma Soothing Bath Tea* - a tea bag for the bath tub is an interesting product idea which I enjoyed using. These would make great gifts or treats for yourself. 

Pai Chamomile & Rosehip Moisturiser - I've bought this many times as it's a firm favourite and I have already replaced this bottle. Chamomile and Rosehip are ingredients that work well for my skin type so it's no surprise to me that I like this moisturiser

Handmade Natural Cleansing Oil - one of my all time favourite brands and I love this cleansing oil. The ingredients stand out as being a little different to other oils. I will buy again in the future, this was my third or fourth bottle.

Lyonsleaf Body Butter & Calendula Cream* - these jars are not quite empty but they are past their best before dates (Sept & Oct 2014). I liked both butters but did favour the calendula because it's an ingredient I love. It does sadden me that I couldn't reach the bottom as I hate to waste product. I will repurchase the small jar in the future.

Pure Nuff Stuff Arch Angel Foot Soak - I like to pamper my feet and enjoyed using this soak. Affordable and fun packaging was a key factor to recommending these bath shots.

Disclaimer - products marked with * are PR samples