Review: Nom Nom Skincare Camillia and Vanilla Stretch Butter

Review Nom Nom Skincare Camillia and Vanilla Stretch Butter
I had mentioned Nom Nom Skincare a few times on my blog but I had not sat down to write a full review. This post is perfect timing as I finally meet Jayne at the LNLO show at the weekend. I discovered Nom Nom in 2014 whilst judging for the Free From Skincare Awards. They won Gold and Silver in 2014 but did not enter this year.

Nom Nom is a skincare range for pregnancy and babies....don't get excited I am not about to tell you I'm expecting, that thought send shivers down my spine so lets not go there. I fell for the Camillia and Vanilla Stretch Butter because it has a beautiful delicate scent of vanilla, great ingredients and feels amazing on my skin. This may be a product aimed at belly bumps and boobs but it doesn't mean it's off limits to everyone else. I have a million and one shea body butters and it always surprises me how different each one is. Nom Nom's Stretch Butter is easy to scoop from the jar and melts quickly into oil. I am not sure how they do it but it feels light on application. This is one I love using on my legs after shaving as it leaves them silky smooth, even my boyfriend has commented on that fact. 

Aside from leaving my skin feeling wonderful, the other reason I like Nom Nom is the ingredients are simple and not loaded with essential oils making them ideal for anyone who, like me, has very sensitive skin. If you are pregnant this product is ".....suitable for use throughout pregnancy giving you a head start on stretch mark prevention right from the first trimester. No overpowering fragrance, just a delicious, soft and gently lingering vanilla aroma which will appeal to the most sensitive pregnancy nose."

I highly recommend taking a closer look at the Nom Nom range if you haven't already. Please don't dismiss this range if you are not expecting or have a child, it really is versatile and suitable for everyone.

Sarah x