Review: Faith in Nature Brave Botanicals Coconut & Frangipani Moisture Boost Shampoo

Review Faith in Nature Brave Botanicals Coconut & Frangipani Moisture Boost Shampoo
It is possible to find budget friendly natural hair care but you have to compromise on ingredients and you will have to pay a little more than in the supermarket, no natural brand can ever compete on price with a £1 value shampoo. If you can afford to invest a little bit extra I am convinced you will notice a difference to the health of your hair. You all know I can’t live without my Odylique Gentle Herb Shampoo, for me it beats everything else for ingredients and fits my budget but in the interest of consumer research let take a look at Faith in Nature.

You might remember I spotted Faith in Nature’s new Brave Botanicals at NOPE and when I found some at TK Maxx I bought a bottle of the Coconut & Frangipani Moisture Boost Shampoo. The first compromise you need to make with cheaper natural hair care is the formula usually contains ammonium laureth sulphate and cocamidopropyl betaine. Both are regarded as less irritating but they are still detergents. Now I’ve been sulphate free for many years so it’s a step back for me to use ALES and I do notice a difference. What I will say is Faith in Nature are upfront about the ingredients they use and this information is accessible on their website.

Brave Botanicals Coconut & Frangipani Moisture Boost Shampoo has a delicious scent and I imagine comparable to something like Herbal Essences. Coconut is always a winner for me and combined with Frangipani you have yourself a tropical holiday. You’ll be daydreaming about bathing in waterfalls and washing your perfect mermaid hair. Performance wise this shampoo does the job. My hair is left feeling clean and no noticeable residue build up at the roots. I am prone to a little frizz but conditioner and hair oil help control that situation. 

If you buy the Coconut & Frangipani Moisture Boost Shampoo direct from Faith in Nature it will cost you £6 for 250ml. I could get all judgmental about ingredients but I think the price is pretty sweet from a brand that is Vegan, cruelty free, made in Britain and use certified organic ingredients. I wouldn’t be prepared to permanently ditch my Odylique Gentle Herb Shampoo but if I ever found myself in urgent need of tightening the purse strings I would seriously consider Faith in Nature’s Brave Botanical range. 

Have you tried this product or any others from Faith in Nature?

Sarah x