Cheers to a Greener New Year

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Here we are folks the start of a new year and we're being bombarded with detox diets and shit your pants slimming teas *sigh*. I've never been one for a list of resolutions but there is nothing wrong with setting ourselves little goals throughout the year. Whilst you are on your new year buzz, January is the perfect time to make small changes and with that in mind let me run through a few ideas to find your feet as an ethical consumer.

Overhaul your skincare routineIf you are thinking more about what you put into your body it makes sense to consider what goes onto your skin. I’m a believer that Green Beauty is better for the environment and our bodies. If your skin is feeling the effects of the cold weather perhaps now is the time to switch to a luxurious natural and/or organic body wash, body butter or balm. The first ingredients I ditched from my skincare products was SLS/SLES and the rest followed. For a quick reference check my page with a list of ingredients to avoid. Buy what you can afford. Organic skincare can be expensive but don’t feel pressure to have the latest £100 magic balm everyone is raving about. I have a strict monthly budget for a reason and it’s important to stick to it. 

Consider the environment - if you can't commit fully to Green Beauty then please consider the impact of your skincare on the world around us. We all love a nice Summer holiday on the beach so lets take more care when it comes to marine life. Microbeads in scrubs are due to be banned but you could get one step ahead and switch to a natural alternative (I recommend Antipodes). Facial wipes are clogging our drains so stop flushing them down the loo and switch to re-useable or biodegradable alternatives (I recommend RMS Beauty). Cotton buds with plastic stems are causing concerns in our oceans so switch to brands using paper (I recommend Organyc).

Buy local - support your community and shop with independent stores. I always chose my local health food store before heading off to the big supermarkets. Not only do you support the local economy but often the products stocked are from smaller businesses. You might find new-to-you brands that can't get stocked in bigger stores so a win win for everyone involved.

Be a friend to animals - are the products you buy really cruelty free? your makeup might be but what about those products you use around your home? Think about the brands you shop with and support those with good ethics (e.g. don't sell in China) and beware of parent companies that test. Consider a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle but if that's not within your reach right now how about trying meat free Mondays?

Ditch fast fashion - this one I feel is the hardest because of budget and sizing constraints but I'd love to invest more in ethical and sustainable clothing. It's not just about the materials used but also factory conditions. Child labour in both the beauty and clothing industry is very concerning.

Greening up your lifestyle isn’t a competition. Every act you take on is important whether the impact is big or small. Have fun with it but also feel happy about doing your part.

Sarah x


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