Reviews for Love Lula featuring Green People, Odylique, Pure & Light, Pure Chimp

Love Lula Green People Pure & Light Pure Chimp Odylique
(Gifted PR samples)

Here we are again another round of trialling skincare selected from Love Lula. June product testing has been full of hits and misses as you will read.

Green People Organic Children Smoothie Berry Bath & Shower
Green People are a reliable well known brand and it’s nice to see Love Lula as a stockist. Most of you know I stick to fragrance free body wash but it does get a little boring however finding a suitable product free from linalool feels like mission impossible. I was delighted to discover that the smoothie berry range was suitable and already bought the conditioner from the range a few months back. I enjoy the aroma as I like food scents so raspberry and apple is very appealing, it’s not overpowering and very pleasant. Whilst the Smoothie Berry Shower gel is linalool free I still have to be mindful of other ingredients as I’m protecting myself against triggering dermatitis. You get a very good lather from this body wash because it does contain sodium coco-sulfate. I enjoy using the Smoothie Berry wash but my only criticism is with Green People’s marketing. I’ve mentioned this many times over the years and I will always be disappointed to see “no nasties” on the front of the tube.

Odylique Coconut Candy Scrub
If you adore the scent of coconut then this scrub is for you. Combined with the Green People shower gel it reminds me of sugary desserts and cupcakes. I am head over heels in love and no word of a lie that has NEVER happened with a scrub before now. I shy away from these types of products because of my delicate skin. The other day my dermatitis was super itchy so I took the plunge and very gently scrubbed. Wow not only did I feel relief but I’m certain that the coconut helps my dermatitis because of the beneficial properties to this ingredient. What I love most about the candy scrub is it’s not swimming in oil, simply the perfect amount which doesn’t leave greasy residue on skin or a slippery bath tub. Worth every penny, Odylique has done it again with another gorgeous product and that comes from someone who body scrubs once a year!
Odylique Coconut Candy Scrub
Pure Chimp Lemon Matcha Green Tea - 20g Pouch
A great size to try without too much commitment. Always nice to support smaller companies so worth a try if you enjoy green tea. Other flavour options are available.

Pure & Light Organic Essential Family on-the-Go Cream 
After reading the blurb I thought this cream might be a good one for my problem skin areas however I’ve been an idiot. I forgot that based on past experiences I think my skin doesn’t like tea tree. I want to be totally honest and testing hasn’t gone to plan. Despite this don’t let it put you off just be careful if you’re a delicate flower like myself. I can see how this on-the-go cream might be handy in your bag or medicine cabinet. I’d perhaps like to explore more from Pure & Light in the future.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts on them? If you didn’t see my May choices then follow the link - Inika, John Masters Organics, Madara, Rossi

Sarah x