Review Ihana Skincare Beri-Activ Cleansing Cream

Review Ihana Skincare Beri-Activ Cleansing Cream
Back in August I decided to buy Ihana Skincare Beri-Activ Cleansing Cream. I discovered Ihana through the website Only Naturals and after buying a sample I upgraded to the 50ml size (also available in 100ml).

Ihana Skincare is a luxury COSMOS certified, vegan and cruelty free brand. At the heart of their products is a signature Beri-Activ Antioxidant Complex which is a unique blend of seven antioxidant Arctic berry oils and extracts. It was the ingredients that first grabbed my attention.

This cleansing cream does not contain essential oils so that removes my worries for the allergen linalool. I prefer cream cleansers as part of my morning routine but for the purpose of review I used it to remove my foundation and it performed well. The formulation is smooth but not overly thick so it massages easily across the face. I would struggle to describe the aroma but it is pleasant and mild with a hint of rosewater. As with all my cleansers I enjoy using on damp skin and removing with a muslin cloth. 

As I mentioned before, the formulation stood out to me, to name a few ingredients there’s cranberry, apricot kernel, hemp seed, raspberry, rosehip, blackcurrant, lingonberry and bilberry. I felt these would be perfect for my sensitive skin and I was right. My skin feels soft and healthy after cleansing. I haven’t experienced irritation and I’m not left with a feeling of dry or tight skin.

I can't fault the product so the only downside I see relates to my budget. The Ihana cleanser costs £20 for 50ml or £30 for 100ml and in comparison to my favourite cleanser from Odylique (200ml for £18) that's quite expensive. I appreciate the unusual ingredients may add to the overall price but I want to be honest in saying I wouldn’t be able to buy this cleanser on a regular basis. I’m still going to highly recommend Ihana Skincare Cleansing Cream because it is a beautiful product. If I see a special offer in the future I would definitely buy it again.

Have you tried this cleanser or any other products from Ihana Skincare?

Sarah x

Disclaimer - contains affiliate link for Only Naturals, prices correct at time of publication


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