Review - Harbour Elements Truly Gentle Cleansing Balm - RE-BRANDED TO HARBORIST

Review Harbour Elements Truly Gentle Cleansing Balm
As you know I believe some synthetic ingredients are not great for sensitive skin and it's how I ended up discovering natural and organic skincare. However, plant extracts can also cause problems for those with reactive and allergy prone skin so it can be a Catch 22, that is until brands like Harbour Elements (Harborist) step in.

You’ll know that I always leaning towards brands that have a good understanding for customers who struggle with eczema and allergies, that attention to detail impresses me. Over the years I’ve been approached by brands claiming they are suitable for eczema only to find them full of my allergens. I know everyone is different but I can’t help but feel frustrated. I’m honestly very excited by this Harbour Elements cleanser, when I looked at the website I knew I wanted to accept a sample. It has to be one of the most ideal formulations for sensitive skin that I have seen in a while. 

I've been using Harbour Elements The Truly Gentle Cleansing Balm for just over a month. It quickly became a product to use morning and evenings. The ingredients are perfect for sensitive skin with coconut oil, jojoba, camellia, avocado and bisabolol. It is also fragrance free so there are no essential oils, avoiding those allergens. This cleansing balm is a soft gel which melts on contact with damp fingers and emulsifies into a milky consistency. Initially the gel balm feels luxurious and silky to massage across the skin and then it can easily be removed with rinsing water or as I prefer a damp wash cloth. This cleanser does not leave a residue and my skin feels soft and not stripped of moisture.

At this time the cleansing balm is the only product Harbour Elements sells. I would love to see them expand their range. If you have super sensitive skin and can’t find a cleanser to suit then I would highly recommend this one. You would also be supporting a British made product which is Vegan and cruelty free.

Sarah x

Disclaimer - PR sample sent for consideration