Review Ere Perez SOS Marmalade and Green Booster Serum, Sukin For Men Shaving Gel

Ere Perez Papaya SOS Marmalade, Ere Perez Quandong Green Booster Serum, Sukin For Men Shaving Gel

Let's jump straight into this month's review for Love Lula as I'm sure you are all interested to hear my thoughts on these natural and organic skincare products.

Ere Perez Papaya SOS Marmalade
A fantastic product name that sounds so inviting. When choosing skincare I am quick to assess an ingredients list for suitability and with papaya I know we are off to a good start. The SOS marmalade is a multi-purpose balm to aid all those little skin care emergencies like dryness, irritation, bites, cuts and scars. Alongside papaya there is almond oil, coconut, hemp, mango, jojoba, shea butter, calendula, buriti and chia seed. You need to scoop the balm from the jar but once it hits the warmth of your skin it transforms into oil making it a delight to massage across your skin. The comfort factor is super important if you experience eczema because your skin is delicate and you don't want to drag a product across the surface as it can be painful. 

Ere Perez Papaya SOS Marmalade is formulated without essential oils so it has a natural, fairly neutral scent from the ingredients. I initially started testing on dry skin but then I had a rotten outbreak of dermatitis across my chest. I had even drawn blood from scratching. After patch testing I applied the Papaya SOS Marmalade overnight and it made a huge difference. Irritation had calmed by morning and my skin looked much better. I’ve continued applying as and when needed. It's worked fantastically at treating the condition and I'm super impressed with the results. I can’t promise everyone gets miracle results but definitely worth a shot if all else has failed. The Green Beauty market is full of amazing balms so I champion this one based on the ingredients. It is sometimes hard to find a balm that is suitable for Vegans but Ere Perez ticks that box. 

Ere Perez Quandong Green Booster Serum
It’s no secret that I love serums so again Ere Perez was an obvious choice. I was intrigued by the ingredients and vibrant green colour. The formulation is quandong (for vitamin C), chlorophyll, spinach, alfalfa, raspberry seed and Sodium hyaluronate (the salt of hyaluronic acid and it has lower molecular size). This serum feels like water and I find it works best mixed with other products. Curiosity may have got the better of me with this one. I’m appreciative of the formulation but I’m not completely sold on whether I need the extra step in my routine. The jury is out but if you are a skincare junkie then I think you’ll feel that pull to try it. I'm sitting on the fence with Ere Perez Quandong Green Booster Serum, it is a lovely product but it's not doing anything special for me to ditch everything else I'm using.

Sukin For Men Shaving Gel
You may remember last month I selected the Sukin body wash from the same line. Have you noticed how shaving products in the Green Beauty world are marketed to men? You’d have thought there could be unisex marketing and packaging. When shopping online I always have to hit up the Men’s section to find shaving products rare that you see them listed under women's beauty.

My husband and I usually opt for a solid shaving soap. Since we have only tried a couple of natural shaving gel/creams over the years I was curious about Sukin. As with the body wash this is free from linalool which makes it a great option for me. It contains baobab, Tasmanian pepper, sesame and chamomile. The fragrance isn’t overpowering and has a hint of citrus spice probably from the cinnamon, lime and mandarin. The pump dispenser is handy for in the shower, cuts down mess in comparison to a soap dish and I don’t need a shaving brush for application. The gel doesn’t generate a bubbly lather, it's creamy but easily softens skin and protects from the blade. I like how my legs feel during and after shaving. My husband has used on his face without any complaints. Overall I think it’s a good product to consider so don’t put off by the labelling.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them? If you missed my reviews for February then follow this link - The Handmade Soap Company, Santaverde, Organii

Sarah x


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