Travel - Holiday Skincare - Hand Luggage Only

Travel Holiday Natural Organic Skincare Hand Luggage Only
(includes gifted PR samples)

Travelling light with cabin only luggage is something I am slowly getting used to but the liquid allowance sends me into meltdown when it comes to my skincare. I make the separation anxiety a little easier by decanting favourites into 100ml bottles but sometimes that’s not practical due to the natural of the product. I’ll often top up on small samples or travel sized skincare and products which are multipurpose. Just for fun I thought I would run through a list of everything that came with me to Italy. Full disclosure I do take over my husband allowance he’s minimal with skincare and just uses mine.

Pictured above are the products that qualify for cabin allowance so they are 100ml or less. On this last trip we were trailing Green People sun creams so I have the scent free range of SPF 30 sun lotion (for body), facial cream and lip balm. I opted to take cleansing oil as balms don’t hold up well in the warm weather. I’m currently using Myroo (fragrance free) so that came along for the trip. I personally think oil cleansing is a great all rounder which easily removes daily grime without stripping the skin. I picked up Antipodes Skin-Plumping Minis simply for the Rejoice Light Day Cream as it’s one of my favourites. A little goes a long way with this cream so the 15ml size was ample and we didn’t use it up. I did travel with my Everyday Minerals powder foundation but also took along my Madara CC cream. This contains SPF and evens out skin tone; it simply gives me a little more confidence to go makeup free. I really liked how this stood up against the heat and I look half decent in our holiday photos. I also packed Ere Perez Carrot Pot in Harmony for cheek and lip colour but didn’t end up using it but that qualifies as a non-liquid so takes up no room or allowance. Lastly, I love that Ooh! - Oils of Heaven Organic are available in 15ml travel size and chose argan as a suitable all rounder. I know I can use this on my hair, face and body so if one of my other products runs out or I need additional hydration I’m covered. 
Travel Holiday Natural Organic Skincare Hand Luggage Only
My favourite products (shown above) were the ones I decanted into smaller bottles. You all know I can’t be without my Odylique Gentle Herb Shampoo but my 500ml bottle isn’t travel friendly. My Madara Colour & Shine Conditioner also came along for the trip. Both my husband and I are currently using Sukin for Men body wash and you can see that’s another super size bottle only suitable for the bathroom. I was not about to part with my Evolve Organic Daily Defence Moisture Mist so that was a must have. I also included Green People Scent Free Body & Hand lotion as a good all purpose cream but truth be told I didn't end up needing it.

What are your travel essentials? Are there any beauty products you can't be without on your holiday?

Sarah x