Review Nature's Kitchen Gentle Therapy Rescue Cream

Nature's Kitchen Gentle Therapy Rescue Cream

Eczema can be seasonal, some people flare up in the summer months and for others its the winter that causes them discomfort. For me as soon as the temperature drops I see a visible difference in my skin, it becomes overly dry, flaky and I feel like my eczema is laying in wait to jump out and yell "surprise remember me?". In winter my skincare routine switches from lotions to balms and rich creams with my entire body feeling rough but in particular my hands and legs. Balmonds is still a firm staple at the moment but through Love Lula I have the advantage to explore other brands for comparison. Nature's Kitchen has been a bit of a hit with me recently so the Gentle Therapy Rescue Cream was next on my list.

Nature's Kitchen Gentle Therapy Rescue Cream is intended to target dry skin and maintain moisture. It can be used anywhere on the body and the 50ml tube is the perfect size for carrying around in my handbag. Obviously it's a bit small for using as a daily body cream, that wouldn't be economical, but it's purpose would be to offer an intensive solution to smaller dry patches. I'm finding this product particularly useful as a hand cream. Straight away it get a tick in the box for being free from essential oils and vegan friendly. The ingredient formulation is packed full of ingredients which moisturise, calm and protect sensitive skin. This isn't a sticky or heavy balm consistency, it's a medium thick cream which my skin has no issue absorbing. As a hand cream it sinks in and I can quickly return to daily tasks without a greasy sensation. 

To round up this little review, I'm very happy with the Nature's Kitchen Gentle Therapy Rescue Cream. I would recommend to others and considering purchasing when this tube runs out. 

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Sarah x