Reviews - Green People Deodorant, Lavera Shampoo, Ooh Oils of Heaven Face Oil

Reviews for Love Lula Green People Deodorant, Lavera Shampoo, Ooh Oils of Heaven Face Oil
(Gifted/prices correct at time of publication) 

Hey! folks I hope you are all keeping well. It's been a difficult time but testing products has been a welcome distraction. I don't know about you but I am well and truly upping my time spent on pampering myself. This month has included a mixture of items and I'll give you a quick overview and my thoughts on the following.

Green People Neutral Scent Free Deodorant - I've spoken about this many times before but natural deodorants haven't gone well for me because of my allergies. I also struggle with the price difference between mainstream and natural as I currently use a Superdrug roll-on for £1 and Green People comes in at £10.50. I'm in a privileged position to trial Green People Neutral Scent Free Deodorant so I thought I'd take the plunge. The Green People Scent Free range is one I have always recommended and regularly use their Anti-Ageing 24 hour Cream. The key ingredients to this deodorant are Organic Aloe Vera, Prebiotics, Alum & Zinc Ricinoleate. Green People deodorant has a soft and gentle feeling on skin without stickiness and I haven't noticed any issues with residue on clothing. I've been happy with the effectiveness and it works well for me. I'm currently not working so the only sweating I do comes from a brisk walk or hoovering the house and after both activities I haven't noticed stinky arm pits. I'm confident to recommend Green People Neutral Scent Free Deodorant and if you visit their website you'll see good feedback from customers.

Lavera Hair Care Family Shampoo - I've always been a fan of Lavera products, it was one of the first brands I came across and up until I was diagnosed with linalool allergy, I was regularly using their colour & care shampoo. I chose this Family shampoo for my husband but it also happens to not list linalool in the ingredients. The key ingredients are apple and quinoa which promises to give a gentle and effective wash. My husband is partly bald so I'm keen to find shampoo that not only cleans hair but protects his sensitive scalp. As the name "family" suggests this shampoo is suitable for all, perfect for those who like a fuss free routine and are not targeting a specific issue. As it is Plastic Free July, I note that Lavera shampoo bottles are made from 100% recycled milk, juice and water bottles and can be recycled. 

Ooh! - Oils of Heaven Organic Plum Conditioning Face Oil - I've always been a fan of plum kernel oil because it has the most wonderful scent which will remind you of almonds and marzipan. When the majority of my routine is without fragrance then I get very excited by ingredients that have a natural aroma. Plum Oil is rich in Vitamin A, E, oleic acid, linoleic acid and anti-oxidants. It's an emollient that nourishes and hydrates and can be of benefit to dry and mature skin types. I think this is a lovely light silky oil which penetrates my skin easily without greasy residue. Over the years I have written about products that contain plum kernel oil so it's wonderful to be able to use as a stand alone ingredient. I honestly adore this oil so I was pleased to see Ooh! Oils add it to their range and was quick to order. As long as you enjoy the unique scent then I'm pretty confident you are going to want to try this for yourself, I highly recommend.