Review Lily & Rabbit - Naked, Bee Naked and Lavender Soap

Review Lily & Rabbit Naked, Bee Naked and Lavender Soap

Lily & Rabbit had three soap shortlisted in the Free From Skincare Awards and they came away with a Silver for Sea Kelp with Rosemary & Spearmint and Bronze for Nettle with Spearmint. This adorably named company are handcrafting soaps in North Yorkshire. Lily & Rabbit have focused on their favourite ingredients olive oil (inspired by Italian soaps) and raw goat milk. They are mindful of sensitive skin and use natural colourants, exfoliators and essential oils. For fellow vegans, Lily & Rabbit are in the process of creating suitable soaps and so you may wish to follow them on Instagram for launch information.

Here's some feedback from the testers for the Free From Skincare Awards -

“Still rock solid after a month’s testing … didn’t go soggy, break or lose fragrance … An extremely gentle, non-drying soap that lathers lightly over the skin and leaves hands feeling clean and refreshed” (Sea Kelp with Rosemary & Spearmint)

“Really enjoyed this product .. Lather wasn’t excessive, but worked efficiently without drying out skin … cleansed effectively, leaving clean, fresh and reassuring fragrance, which wasn’t lost throughout month long use … It delivered constantly and I would buy it again” (Nettle with Spearmint)
Review Lily & Rabbit Naked, Bee Naked and Lavender Soap
Lily and Rabbit kindly sent me three soaps - Naked, Bee Naked and Lavender. It's my husband who has carried out the majority of testing and we have started with the Naked soap. This one is a simple gentle soap with no scent and formulated with goats milk, olive oil and castor oil. In comparison Bee Naked includes the addition of oatmeal and honey. It is these two soaps that I would recommended for sensitive skin and some people may find oats beneficial for skin prone to eczema.

I agree with the testers in that Lily & Rabbit soaps are solid and don't go soggy. Over the years we've had soaps that turn to mush almost instantly but these hold up to daily use. The lather produced is gentle and just enough (to be expected from a product free from SLS). As I'm prone to dry hands the Naked soap hasn't worsen this condition and leaves skin feeling soft and not stripped of moisture. I've been impressed and as for my husband he's commented a few times on how he is enjoying using the Naked soap, how it holds up well and feels nice and solid.

If you would to explore the full soap range from Lily & Rabbit then please consider visiting their website -

Sarah x