New Launch - Green People Nordic Roots - Scent Free Cranberry Micellar Foam

Green People Nordic Roots Scent Free Cranberry Micellar Foam
(gifted PR sample)

I was very excited to learn of Green People's new skincare launch, Nordic Roots. Why was I so excited? because every product is scent free and I don't have to worry about fragrance allergens. I'm a long-time customer of Green People products, I trust the brand and I was keen to explore this latest addition.

Nordic Roots is inspired by the upbringing and heritage of Green People's founder, Charlotte Vøhtz. It celebrates native flora and fauna offering Scandinavian values of simplicity with scent free, gender neutral, clean and functional skincare that delivers results. Key ingredients include sugar beets, apple cellular water, hop flowers, oat kernel and Atlantic seaweed. Care and attention have also been applied to the packaging which is made with 25% grass, a renewable raw material that requires less water and energy during production. The Nordic Roots collection consists of four products - Hyaluronic Booster Serum, Scent Free Apple Complex Moisturiser, Scent Free Marine Facial Oil and Scent Free Cranberry Micellar Foam. 

Scent Free Cranberry Micellar Foam
A foam cleanser takes me out of my comfort zone as I usually opt for cream and oil products. This dispenses as foam out of the pump bottle and so naturally it's a very gentle and soft sensation when applied to skin. Your instructed to massage one or two pumps over the face and remove with a soft cloth and rinse with warm water. The key ingredients are antioxidant cranberry extract and apple cellular water to refresh and hydrate. Cranberry Micellar Foam is suitable for all but I can see the benefits of using on very sensitive skin. During the heatwave this cleanser was the one I reached for. It's ideal to use when you're feeling hot and sweaty as the lightweight foam feels refreshing, it's also a quick and easy cleansing process. I'd recommend following up with a toner if wearing makeup as on occasions I couldn't quite achieve the perfect level of removal and need that extra step. Cranberry Micellar Foam is still a little out of my comfort zone but I do find it an interesting and innovative new product. I would certainly look to purchase other products from the Nordic Roots collection.

If you would like to explore the Nordic Roots range or discover other products from Green People, please visit their website for further information - Green People Nordic Roots Skincare

Sarah x