National Eczema Week 2020 - unmasking the truth about eczema

National Eczema Week 2020 unmasking the truth about eczema
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"National Eczema Week 2020 will be about the wider impact of eczema on people’s lives. We carried out a survey on different aspects of living with eczema and will be revealing results from this survey during the week on our social media channels, unmasking the truth of what it’s like to live with eczema.Through sharing these findings, we want to empower people to talk about eczema, knowing that others are going through similar experiences, and to seek the care and support they need. We also want to improve public awareness of eczema’s impact on daily life and build greater understanding of the condition."

For those not familiar with my story, I've had atopic eczema since birth. At various points in my life I've experienced severe flare ups but at the moment it's a milder condition. Lockdown has triggered a break out around my neck and shoulders. I put it down to the worries and stress from everything that has happened, I've been made redundant and we lost friends to the virus.

I'm going to use this post as a recap for readers. As you know my blog has been built around my experiences of eczema and allergies so I've covered a fair amount over the years.

My Diagnosis
I'm in my 40's and to catch you up on my life, from birth to age 10 my eczema was severe and I had medical treatments and allergy diagnosis. Forward to 2014 when I decided to seek help for a flare up which I had been treating for years and it wouldn't go away no matter what I tried. The diagnosis that followed has been documented in the following articles -

My Oral Allergy Syndrome (also known as pollen food syndrome)
Dietitians & Dermatologists - patch test reaction for Linalool and MI, Urticaria and Seborrhoeic Dermatitis
Final Diagnosis

My Tips for managing eczema
Here are some of my articles offering personal tips for managing eczema and product recommendations

For Skin Prone to Eczema - recommended Creams and Balms

Odylique have products which I highly recommend for skin prone to eczema. I have a reader discount code to share and to receive 20% off your order use code SUGARPUFFISH at Odylique

From Past to Present
The majority of skincare reviews after 2014 will feature products that are fragrance free or at minimum free from linalool so keep this in mind when scrolling through my blog. I continue to analyse formulations as I'm conscious not to trigger eczema and allergic reactions. It's important to have on hand creams that specifically treat dry and itchy skin but the rest of the time focus on a healthy and gentle top to toe routine.

How has eczema impacted your life?

Sarah x