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Sugarpuffish's Eczema Tips

(affiliate links are included in this article, opinions 100% my own, The information provided is for guidance and is not a substitute for medical advice)

Over the past year of blogging a few people have emailed and asked for my advice concerning eczema. I thought it was about time I turned my survival tips into a blog post. Obviously it goes without saying I am not a Doctor so do consult with your own but these are simple tips that work for me.

People who experience eczema are well aware that they need to slather their skin with moisturiser so I think you should avoid ingredients which may exasperate the situation.  It's one of the main reasons I made the switch over to natural skincare. I feel that making this change made a huge difference to my skin, eczema and allergies. If you're not prepared to drop all your mainstream skincare for holistic ones then at the very least I recommend people ditch SLS/SLES (sodium lauryl sulphate/sodium laureth sulphate). These are known irritant and potentially dry out your skin. Also keep an eye out for alcohol in skincare as it can cause dryness. You still need to be cautious with natural and organic ingredients because they can still cause allergic reactions so patch testing is important. 

Many years ago I made the decision to avoid prescription emollients and steroids.  These products contain ingredients which I believe don't help my skin in the long run. I personally think that Petroleum is not ideal for skin and should remain in the petrol tank of your car. I also strongly believe my use of steroid creams throughout my lifetime has cause pigmentation issues.  My back no longer tans evenly in the sun instead I suffer white patches which remind me of Vitiligo. Shea butter and cocoa butter are amazing natural moisturisers. I often find balms can be handy for the smaller patches.

If you have not mastered the art of understanding ingredients then look for websites that stock natural product and have strict policies on ingredients. *Lovelula is a long time favourite of mine but there are many others competing for your money, check out Naturisimo.

Sometimes you have to think outside the box. A very simple solution for me has been washing my hair over the bath.  I switched to SLS free body care long before changing over my shampoo.  I noticed mainstream salon shampoos caused irritation during showering. I have eczema on my body so washing my hair over the bath reduces the areas that products come in contact with.  Also if you use aerosol styling products I find wrapping a towel around my shoulders helps to eliminate the product coming in contact with my neck and shoulders.  Keep hairdryers and water at low temperatures as high heat dries out the skin.

It is important when cleaning around the home to wear gloves.  This reduces your contact with chemicals.  When I had eczema on my hands I made sure I used latex free gloves. I always felt they were less irritating even though I do not have a latex allergy. In the past I have used latex free gloves from Bizzybee and they are available in Supermarkets.

The type of clothing you wear and the products you wash them in are worth considering.  Eczema suffers will know cotton clothing is your best friend.  I find wool irritates my skin and triggers my eczema. Since the moment I was born I have had issues with washing powders. I always use Non-Biological and keep perfumes and dyes to a minimum. I recommend an article Odylique put together covering "Best Washing Powders for Eczema Prone Skin"

Diet can play an important role in managing your skin condition.  As you know the solution for me in childhood came when Doctors diagnosed that my eczema was triggered by food allergies. In babies “10% of (eczema) cases it is triggered by foods including milk, eggs, citrus fruit, chocolate, peanuts and colourings.” (source link)I think most of us can agree we all benefit from a healthy lifestyle.

Obviously my blog is full of product recommendations that do not irritate my skin.  Here are a few favourites that stand out from the crowd.
  • Odylique is a brand I heavily rely upon and they have many products which I have found helpful in managing my skin. In particular the Ultra Rich Balm and Repair lotion may be helpful on eczema prone skin.
  • Balm Balm Super Light Coconut Cleanser is simple yet effective and their balms are also handy and pocket sized. 
  • Lyonsleaf have an excellent range of creams, I have found the Calendula one to be effective.
  • Balmology Comfort Balm works wonders on my skin. The key to finding a good balm is looking at the ingredients that suit you best. 
  • Balmonds formulate for skin prone to conditions such as eczema, many of their products are fragrance free and vegan friendly.

Finally, my last piece of advice is use the internet to research products and gain advice from fellow eczema sufferers. There are many helpful sites out there. Check out UK National Eczema Society, Allergy UK, Skins Matter

I hope this post has been helpful. If you have any tips to share please leave them in the comment section below.

Sarah x