Review A'kin Mild & Gentle Fragrance Free Conditioner

akin mild gentle fragrance free conditioner
(I purchased this product)

I've been struggling with eczema on my neck and shoulders during lockdown which lead me to rethink my haircare routine. I enjoy using Giovanni 2Chic Ultra-Sleek Conditioner but I've temporarily stopped using it opting for a fragrance free replacement. Akin was one of the first natural brands I ever tried and I regularly used their shampoos and conditioners in those early years. I'm sad to say they fell off my radar following the increase in green beauty products and growing market. 

My quest for fragrance free conditioner had been right under my nose the entire time. I'm so pleased I decided to buy A'kin Mild & Gentle Fragrance Free Conditioner as it has provided much needed relief. Of course it may be purely coincidence but I've seen a difference. I always advocate stripping back your hair or skin care routine and going scent free when experiencing allergy and eczema flare ups.

This Akin conditioner lives up to its name - Mild and Gentle. It's formulated with rosehip oil, shea butter, jojoba oil and oat extract to soothe dry itchy scalps and provide moisture. I have shoulder length hair which is fine but thick and I colour it every 6-8 weeks. I need a conditioner that combats dryness but doesn't weigh it down. A little does go a long way and I'm cautious not to overload my fine hair. During application I feel this Akin conditioner detangles knots caused during the shampooing process. My hair feels silky and smooth during application and retains this through to styling. After the first use I pondered why I hadn't been using A'kin Mild & Gentle Fragrance Free Conditioner all along. Maybe I was side tracked by marketing promises, curiosity for new products or tightening of purse strings. 

I've always recommended A'kin fragrance free products to others based on old experiences but now I feel happy having a fresh perspective under my belt. It's enjoyable to revisit long lost brands and I'm sure I'll delve back into the product range once more. In the meantime, I'm happy and with fingers crossed I'm hoping this itchy free lifestyle will continue for the foreseeable. One day I may venture back into the arms of Giovanni but for the moment A'kin Mild & Gentle Fragrance Free Conditioner has saved me from bad hair days.