Review - Fiini Naturally Oat and Bilberry Powder Face Mask

Fiini Naturally Oat and Bilberry Powder Face Mask

I discovered Fiini Naturally through the Free From Skincare Awards having entered several products over the past couple of years. Fiini was founded by two friends, Heidi and Essi, they developed their own skincare taking inspiration from natural raw ingredients in their homeland of Finland. They have an understanding of sensitive skin and several of their products are fragrance free. As the brand is based in Finland this plays an important role with nature and the environment having a strong influence. It's not just a cosmetic range, they also make household cleaning supplies. Fiini's ethos is proudly Finnish with honesty, naturalness, purity, ecology and animal welfare at the heart of the business.

I tend to shy away from face masks, more often than not these are products formulated for solving problem issues but are simply too harsh for my sensitive skin. I was attracted to Fiini Oat and Bilberry powder mask for the properties in the ingredients. Oatmeal is often an ingredient highly recommended to eczema prone skin and I've had many an oat bath during my lifetime. It's the vitamin E, fatty acids, amino acids, and beta-glucans that protect, soothe and moisturise skin. Bilberries are also known as European wild blueberries and they are packed full of vitamins and nutrients. The bilberry powder is made by freeze drying which helps retain the vibrant natural properties. Other additional ingredients include pink clay and rice powder.

If you've ever used a powder mask before you'll know to mix with water or serum to create a smooth paste which you then apply to your skin. It doesn't look like much in the jar but the bilberries created a gorgeous deep purple colour which makes you smile, think Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when she chews the gum. After 10 to 15 minutes the mask can be removed using warm water, I find a damp flannel can help with this process. The end results are soft skin and no I wasn't left with a purple tinge, I looked good as new.

Fiini Naturally Oat and Bilberry Powder Face Mask is a simple and honest product. Fun to use as part of a relaxing routine and beneficial to dry and sensitive skin. It doesn't promise you the world and I'm OK with that. Powder face masks can be a little messy for some people but I'm not overly fussy about this aspect. If you take your time it doesn't have to create a bathroom disaster just don't use your best white towels as I'm not sure if you'd experience staining (I have coloured flannels  so it wasn't an issue for me).

If you would like further information or to explore the product range, I recommend visiting Fiini Naturally website.

Sarah x