Review Bunch Skincare After Sun Body Oil - Fragrance Free

Bunch Skincare
(Gifted PR Sample)

I'm always excited to discover brands that offer fragrance free products and that's why I accepted a body oil from Bunch Skincare. Founded by Gosia, the brand is about fun and beautiful, luxurious natural products with a passion for science, nature and caring for the environment. Packaging is practical and minimum with bright and colourful branding. Ingredients are plant based and suitable for Vegans.

I've been trialling Bunch Skincare Aftersun Body Oil. As the name suggest this is a product to be used after soaking up the sun. The formulation consists of almond, jojoba, rice bran, olive, sunflower and bisabolol. These are ingredients known for anti-inflammatory, nourishing and soothing properties, ideal for skin exposed to the drying conditions of salt and chlorine. Even though this body oil is marketed as a summer product don't let that put you off using it all year round.

I'd describe Bunch Skincare Aftersun Body Oil as a dry oil and by that I mean it feels invisible on the skin, there is no greasy residue following application. This isn't one of those products where you'll be standing naked in the bedroom waiting for it to absorb before getting dressed. I experience dry skin prone to eczema and Bunch Skincare oil feels wonderful on my skin. It instantly improves the appearance. I am fair toned with a hint of sun kissed tan (thanks to lockdown and a back garden) and the oil rejuvenates to a golden glow.

Bunch Skincare Aftersun Body Oil is a beautiful product. It is priced on higher end compared to others so it may not be suitable for all budgets. If you would like to explore the product collection in more detail, then may I suggest visiting their website.

Sarah x