Review Lamazuna Gentle Cleansing Duo Set and Eco Refillable Toothbrush

Lamazuna Gentle Cleansing Duo Set and Eco Refillable Toothbrush

This month my attention was drawn to Lamazuna, a french cosmetics brand available through Love Lula. Zero waste skincare is currently on trend and everyone is turning their attention to improving their packaging and overall waste materials. There were two items which caught my attention - Lamazuna Gentle Cleansing Duo Set and Lamazuna Eco Refillable Toothbrush

Lamazuna was founded in 2010 by entrepreneur Laetitia Van de Walle. The brand's mission is to make it easier for anyone looking to find a more eco friendly alternative to disposable plastic beauty products. Every product is vegan and cruelty free. They are made from either minerals or plants and all of the packaging is printed with vegetable inks and fully compostable or recyclable. I recommend looking further into this brand because on paper it all sounds very impressive. 
I fell under the spell of super cute packaging and this cleansing set would make an excellent Christmas Gift. Lamazuna Gentle Cleansing Duo Set contains a solid facial cleanser and five eco friendly cleansing wipes. The solid cleanser is the adorable yellow cloud shape that you see in my photos. It lathers up in your hands, the creamy suds feel pleasant on skin and easily rinsed away. The set is marketed towards 'normal' skin types and I would agree as it didn't suit my mature dry skin. The formulation contains parfum but does not use essential oils. I would suggest the set would be ideal for teens or minimalist skincare types. The cleansing wipes are soft and gentle. The instructions say that you add water and swipe away makeup. I admit I haven't put this to the test but the pads have a multi-purpose use and replace disposable versions. I am sure they would be very useful.
Lamazuna Eco Refillable Toothbrush
Lamazuna Eco Refillable Toothbrush
I haven't found my perfect bamboo toothbrush so this one seemed a good compromise. The handles is 'bioplastic' made from 70% castor derivatives and 30% plastic. The design allows you to replace the head and re-use the handle, you could say it's a concept similar to electric toothbrushes. Lamazuna are part of the Terra Cycle Zero Waste Box programme. Toothbrush heads returned to them will be sent for recycling and same goes for the handle (although they claim the handle will last you a lifetime). My thoughts on this item are the handle is very comfortable to hold and has a good weigh and grip compared to bamboo toothbrushes. I have found the head a little on the large size but that is probably easily resolved by selecting a smaller option next time. I will be interested to see how this holds up on a long term basis. The concept is only future proof if replacement brush heads are readily available to purchase.

If you wish to buy these Lamazuna products please visit their website. If you missed my reviews for last month then follow this link By Sarah London Hair Oil and Georganics Mouthwash

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